So Unfair

Will loves climbing up the stairs - and he is quick as a cat getting up.  I haven't installed the baby gate yet, so we are blocking the stairs with chairs - heavy chairs.  We started with two, but when Will found a way to wiggle around them, I had to add two more.  Regardless, he tried to get through and ended up in a really foul mood.  

This week Will has acted totally out of character and let me rock him before bed on three occasions. I was so excited! 

Will has also discovered the joy of cleaning; both with the broom and with a toothbrush. 

On Thursday night we took the boys to HCA for Open House.  Sam met his teacher, Mrs. Raymer and found his seat and his cubby.  

Finn met his new teacher, Mrs. Lockherd.  Then we went to dinner with the Begleys and the Swineharts.