HCA Thanksgiving Program

On Tuesday we all went to the Gallatin Campus for the Thanksgiving Program.  I have heard a lot about this program; the kids practice every day which means that Sam gets in trouble every day because he doesn't like to stand still and practice.  Given the poor reports that were coming home on a daily basis - I didn't hold out much hope for this program.

We arrived at the church around 5:30 and took the boys downstairs to get into their costumes.  Finn was a pilgrim.

Sam was an Indian.

At 6:00 the school unveiled the 2014 Thanksgiving Program.  It opened to mixed reviews.  There were a few "face hiders" and there was also a big tearful breakdown. Finn, on the other hand was magnificent.  I definitely see a future in the theater for this kid.  He was so confident.  He said his lines clearly and with the appropriate expression.  He enunciated, stood up straight and even helped cue some of the other actors for their turns. 

Sam sat with his tribe and didn't say a word.  He was very well behaved - but didn't bother to say his lines.  I take that back - he did manage to say the very last word of the program. 

After the program we went into the Fellowship Hall for cookies and pie.  We sat with Jack's parents who told us that both Jack and Finn "got on yellow."  (The boys come home every day with either a green, yellow or red star on their chart).  Finn ALWAYS gets a green star.  Sam usually gets a yellow star, but it is not uncommon for Sam to get a red one.  Finn relishes the opportunity to tell me about Sam's "star" every afternoon which makes it even more ironic that  Finn neglected to tell me about his very first "yellow" star.  Jack's parents told us that Finn and Jack were wrestling and did not stop.  
While on the subject of stars.  Sam got his first green star on Monday.  After school we went over to Gran's house to try on some of her suits.  As a treat she gave the boys some juice.  Unfortunately she only had enough for one glass.  She gave the juice to Sam because he got a "green star."  Finn thought for  a second and very sweetly said, "but Gran, I always get a green star."  In that moment I felt a little bad about how I don't show Finn enough how proud I am of his consistently GREAT behavior at school.  This, of course, all happened before the "wrestling" incident on Tuesday.  


  1. I don't know what's funnier, Sam or your commentary!


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