Turning 34

On Tuesday I turned 34.  To celebrate Michael took me for dinner at Stony River and then we went to see Interstellar - which was awesome.  The boys stayed with Gran.  Since I was born on Veteran's Day Michael and I didn't have to go to work.  We slept in and then lounged around the house the entire day.  I did have to do some work to prepare for a hearing on Wednesday, but otherwise it was a really relaxing day.

Around 3:30 Michael went to get the boys from school.  They came home with an ice cream cake from Maggie Moos and and balloon.  The boys were so excited to give me the cake. Finn came running in the house saying "we have a surprise for you..."  Sam then came barricading through the door yelling, "MOM, WE GOT A CAKE FOR YOU!"  Finn was pretty mad at Sam for ruining his surprise.

Gran came over that night with chicken and vegetables and new pots and pans.  I was so excited to get new cooking ware.   Chelsea and Sharon came over as well.  We had a really great night.


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