Rain Boots

Sunday was kind of a nasty day.  It was cold and rainy and really overcast.  We headed out for church at 4:00 to help sort and load the truck for the Thanksgiving meals. We thought that we were going to be loading the UHaul outside so we dressed super warm and wore our rain boots.

When we got home I started peeling off layers.  Finn and Sam then started putting my discarded items on. Then for some reason they started hugging.

 Sam in my room boots.

Well, the Rocky trend is continuing.  For the boys, the draw of the movie is a tie between the music and the punching.  They have punched everything in sight for four days. They both really like Rocky IV.  Tonight Finn told me that he wanted to go as Ivan Drago for Halloween next year. They also require a play-by-play when we listen to the soundtrack in the car. Every ten seconds Finn said, "what's happening now?" 


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