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Ribs, Ribs, Ribs

On Thursday Nana and Papa came up to the house to celebrate my birthday.  The boys were excited all day.  Finn was glad that Nana was coming, but was beside himself when he learned that Papa was coming too.  They got to the house around 5:00 bearing gifts and MEAT.  Papa had made his famous ribs - three racks to be exact. 

When they got here mom and I set the table with my winter china and Papa played with the boys. 

My cake. It is probably the prettiest "Kake Lady" cake I have ever seen.  I told mom that it reminded me of a china pattern. 

Next we had dinner.  As I have already mentioned, Papa made ribs, and nana made fried okra, twice backed potatoes, green beans, and rolls.  They also brought some pulled pork barbecue for the boys. Everything was so good!  We pulled the Ninja turtles table into the kitchen and the boys ate next to us. 

After supper I opened my gifts.  Well, I guess I should say the boys tore into my gifts like wild animals as I sat and watched.  For my birthday mom is helping me paint my den, she and Papa also gave me money for a new rug ( I am in desperate need for a new one. The boys emptied a bottle of  "fake tanning lotion" on it.  And just in case you were wondering - that stuff don't come up). Nana and Papa also got me a Sonic gift card, running socks and two tubs of my favorite lip stick.  

We tried to get a few pictures, but the boys made it very difficult. 

At one point during the night, Sam did something to Nana that required an apology.  I don't remember what he did - but Sam is rough as a cob so it could have been anything.  Anyway, Sam apologized to Nana.  He then followed his apology up by saying, "I forgive you." 

Before bed the boys sat with Nana and ready several books.  

It was a really fun night.  Thank you Nana and Papa. 

And as the lights dimmed on my 34th, I read my birthday card from Aunt Laura.  Quite possibly my favorite card of all time. It goes like this . . . 

"You probably gets lots of cards on your birthday.  But what about after?  When the balloons have withered and the cake has crumbled?  Who is thinking of you then?  Who's looking out for your when the spotlight's off?  I am, that's who. Me. 

open the card . . . 

I'm not late. I'm sensitive. 

Thank you Laura, Johnny and Megan. I love you guys too. 


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