Dental Bliss 2015

On Thursday afternoon we took the boys to the Dentist.  They have dreaded this day for the past two years - approximately the last time they went to the dentist.  Despite my terrible scheduling, neither boy had a cavity.  I guess I do an awesome job brushing their teeth.

Finn was pretty nervous, but for the most part was a pro.  He didn't squirm, cry or fuss.

This is Sam watching Finn get his teeth cleaned.

Next it was Sam's turn.  He was pretty excited at first.

He liked wearing the glasses.

Then he started to get a little nervous.
Going . . .

Going . . .


I didn't get any more pictures because I had to straddle Sam during the entire cleaning.  He cried the entire time.  He didn't want to open his mouth for Dr. Templeton  so I looked at him and say "say ahhh" (just like we do when we brush his teeth).  He opened his mouth as wide as he could and yelled "ahh."  He participated in the process - but it was not willing. 

After we got home Sam told me that he wanted to go back to the denist office.  However, the purpose of this visit was to exact his revenge. He specifically mentioned the following: 

1. Shine in the light in the dentists eyes!
2. Make the dentists lay in the chair!
3. Make the dentist say "ahh"!
4. Use the tooth string (dental floss)!