I love the weekend!  On the weekdays I get up at 5:00 to go workout in our dark, cold garage. But on the weekends, I get to sleep in until at least 8:00!  You may ask, what do you do with the boys? Well, now that they are older, we let them play in the playroom and watch cartoons.

Over the past few days, Finn has really stepped up and has assumed the role of Sam's caretaker while Michael and I caught up on some sleep.  First he took Sam to the bathroom and then let Sam borrow some of his WWE Smackdown underwear.  Then Finn turned on something for Sam to watch.  More specifically, he ordered 3 movies off of pay per view.  He ordered "Big Hero Six" two times and the "Scooby Doo" movie; a total of $21.00.  Awesome . . .

Then he made Sam a healthy breakfast of Doritos, Oreos and grapes.

Then there was this . . . I guess it was bound to happen. Finn told me that before we "caught" them he had actually dragged Sam over the railing into the top bunk.   Finn's babysitter duties have been suspended.

This is a picture of Sam eating apples with peanut butter.  He loved it.  Every time he took a bite, he would turn around, give me "the business" face and grunt "ummm" (as in yum).

Here are the boys playing "Xbox" together.  Yes, this is how it usually goes.  Finn plays while Sam looks on close by.

Well, we have a new obsession in our house. WWE.  This is big time obsession and one that I have to say is really entertaining. Finn loves Roman Reigns and goes around "superman punching" things.  Finn also loves to dress like his favorite wrestlers.  One day last week he came downstairs wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt so that we could pretend to be Dean Ambrose.  He has also found Michael's old tattoo sleeve.  It is a tube made out of pantyhose material that one can wear to look like you have "sleeves."  Well, since Roman Reigns has a sleeve, Finn has to wear one too.  It is so precious.

Michael lets the boys listen to the wrestlers "entrance" music in the car.  So now Sam struts around singing John Cena's music.  John Cena is Sam's favorite wrestler.

This is Sam doing Daniel Bryan's "Yes!"

Last night Uncle David, Uncle James and Aunt Chelsea came by to watch the NCAA tournament. We watched some of the tournament, but ended up watching wrestling too.  The boys love it when their Uncles stop by.  They asked a hundred times yesterday when David and James would be here.  I didn't see the reaction when Uncle David got here (I was out getting pizza), but when Uncle James and Aunt Chelsea walked in the boys ran up to them and threw their arms around them.