Finn's Horrible Life

Yesterday, after picking the boys up from school, I decided to run a few errands.  It was really nice outside so making both boys walking into Kroger Marketplace did not seem so daunting.  Once inside Finn spotted a "Baymax" book that he really wanted to look at.  I didn't want to look at the Baymax book because I really didn't want to have the argument about my refusal to purchase the Baymax book.  Finn, bless his heart, is a tad . . .  how do I say this nicely . . . materialistic, self absorbed and greedy.  Yes, that sums it up about right.

Once Finn realized that I was not going to acquiesce to his request (yes, I stole this line from Pirates of the Caribbean) he resorts to making statements that are designed to hurt me.  He would say things like:

1. "Mom, you are so mean."
2. "Mom, I am so mad at you."
3. "Mom, I can't believe you would so this to me."

Sam, the sweetest child to grace the planet, raced to my defense.  After every mean/hurtful statement that Finn made, Sam would stare him down and say very sternly, "THAT IS MY MAMA."  Then he would face me and give me (what I interpreted as) a protective hug.

In a last ditch effort to convince me to give him what he wanted Finn said, "Mom, I was wrong to have ever loved you."  Sounds like a terrible country music song.

When we got home Finn got to spend some quality time in "timeout" for a few disrespectful statements.  After he simmered down a bit we all four went outside to play. Sam is ferocious with a wiffle bat.

Later that evening we went to Dairy Queen to cash in on "Free Ice Cream Cone" night.

I warned Michael that I would put this picture on the blog.

It was a fun night.  The weather was great and both of my children loved me at the same time.  One could argue that it is quite difficult to strongly dislike your parent when she is shoving ice cream down your throat. Parenthood at its finest. 

Oh, and Sam finally went potty at school - fully clothed.  He has been doing great at home - but has had a hard time at school.  He almost refuses to go potty as school unless he can take off his shoes, socks, pants, and pull-up. Ms. Sonya reported that Sam finally "went" without mandating au naturel from the waist down. Big day in the Begley home!