For the last several months Finn has had several conversations with us about Salvation. He has many questions about Heaven, Hell, Jesus and being a Christian.  On many occasions Finn has told us that he has prayed to ask Jesus into his heart and to forgive him of his sins.  We have been very cautious because we want to make sure that he truly understands.  After several nights of questions, Michael told me we should probably have him speak with a children's minister at church.  Michael mentioned it to Finn and he was "on board."  He also wanted Michael to ask about being baptized.  As an aside, Finn has started to practice being baptized in the bathtub.

We did end up talking to a children's minister last week and he told us that Long Hollow Baptist believes that in most children, age 6 is an age where children can start to really grasp the concept that their sin makes them an enemy of God.  He encouraged us to keep working with Finn and bring him in after he turns 6.  We agreed to do so.

Most of the time Finn has these conversations with Michael.  Well, last night he brought it up with me.  He said, "mom, are you going to Heaven?" I told him that I am.  He then asked, "do you anyone else that is going to Heaven?"  I told him that Papa Bruce would be going to Heaven.  His face dropped a little and he whispered, "will he be going soon?"  I said, "yes, Finn, he will be going soon."  Then Finn asked, "Mom, do they have cell phones in Heaven."  I shrugged my shoulders and said, "why do you ask?"  Finn, in his most sincere voice, said, "well, if there are phones, Papa Bruce can call us and tell us all about heaven."  He said it with such great hope and expectations.  I was too overcome with emotion to do anything other than give him a kiss on the forehead and tuck him in to bed. I wish it could be so.  We have much to look forward to! In the meantime, we will continue to fight the good fight.


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