Tonight before bed Finn insisted that we watch volleyball. He attended a free clinic at HCA the day before and is now very interested in watching Olympic Volleyball. Moments after turning it on Finn and Sam were knee deep in excitement. Every time they scored Finn yelled "BOOM" and immediately followed it up by saying America (except he said it with a redneck twang which made it sound like Amurca).   After a few minutes he said "Mom, which team in America?" If that don't beat all. 

Saturday was a great day. Will and I slept until 9:30. We spent the rest of the day around the house. He was in the foulest of moods so I strapped him in the baby carrier and wore him while I cleaned the house. He slept almost the entire time he was in the carrier. 

Sam loves to hold Will "on his shoulder." Whenever he asks me to hold Will it is always up on his shoulder. Yesterday he accidentally fell over with him and sweetness ensued. 

Pretending to be asleep. Will didn't get the memo. Apparently Sam didn't either. 

This is what I do when I want to sneak out of bed to get ready in the mornings.