Sleeping Woes

Will is six week old now and no closer to sleeping independently.  And before anyone panics - no, I don't put him on his stomach to sleep.  I put him on his stomach for tummy time and he fell asleep. 

He still sleep in the bed with me most of the time.  A few nights I will get lucky and he will sleep in his rock-n-play until his first feeding. Then after he eats he stays with me the rest of the night.  Michael has moved to Finn's room for the time being because Will is so noisy when he eats.  He sounds like he is being tortured! Finn has moved back in with Sam and is sleeping on the top bunk again.  

This is about the only way he will sleep alone during the day - in his rock-n-play with his "elephant ears" to hold his head steady. 

When we sleeps on me he puts him arm behind his head - it is so sweet. 

He is more awake during the day now which is nice.  I don't know how much he weighs now, but he has grown out of most of his premmie clothes.  The newborns are a little big on him still - but not too bad.  He is also still wearing his newborn diapers. 


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