First Grade Orientation

Thursday was Finn's orientation.  His 1st Grade teacher is Mrs. Brigstock and she seems great.  Finn really likes his classroom. They use tables instead of individual desks.  They keep their art supplies in on the table and they have seat back pockets for their dry erase board.

Finn saw the names of most of his friends from Kindergarten.  Unfortunately his best friend (from School) Ben wasn't on the roll.

After orientation we went to Lifeway to get Finn's bible.  He has to bring  King James Version (KJV) Bible with him everyday.  Lifeway has a ton of great "kids" Bible - unfortunately, none of the great ones were KJV - go figure.  He ended up picking out a green, leather bound bible.  We had his name embossed in gold on the front cover.


Yes, these my boys - including my adult husband, lying in the floor at Lifeway watching Veggie Tales.

Next we took Finn for dinner at Culvers.  Gran and Pa met us. 


After leaving Culvers Finn, Sam, Will and I went to spend the night with Grandad and Gigi in Tullahoma.

Earlier that same day . . . I took Will with me to work.  He was awful so we left early.  We met Michael, Finn and Sam at McDonalds for lunch.