My Fake Baby

On Friday night Finn and Sam were climbing around on the bunk beds. Finn was climbing up the back side when he looked down at Sam and said "Sam, you can't so this - it is WAY to dangerous." Sam thought about it for a second and said in his most confused voice, "then why are you doing it Finn?" Michael and I got so tickled.  

Friday night was a milestone for Will - he slept in his crib for the first time. It was only for a couple of hours, but it was two hours longer than he has ever stayed before. Michael moved him to the bassinet in my bedroom and he slept until 2:45. It was a good night. 

We woke up at 9:00 pretty refreshed. 

The boys went to their Saturday morning donut place while Will and I drank coffee and colored. 

After the boys got back from breakfast Finn told us again that he was going to play in the NBA. He also declared that he thinks before going to the NBA he will probably play his college ball at North Carolina. Now if someone would just notify Norh Carolina we'll be made in the shade. 

Later that day we went to Grans for a baby shower. On the way their Sam told me how much he likes daddy's ninja turtle shirt. Michael has a green Ninja Turtes tank top that he wears around the house.  Sam explained to me that when daddy grows up and dies he (Sam) will get daddy's Ninja Turtle shirt. I told Sam that daddy would probably give it to him long before that. 

Will was a bit controversial at the baby shower. I heard three different people ask if he was a real baby. They thought he was a baby doll.