First Day of School

Monday was Finn's first day of 1st Grade and Sam's first day of K4. They had really good days. Finn couldn't believe how fast his new teacher says the Pledge of Allegiance. Of all the new things that happened to him - the speed of the Pledge was the most noteworthy.  We also decided that Finn would be taking his lunch to school everyday because a school lunch costs $4.00!  I am not paying 20 dollars a week for Finn move his food around on his plate and ultimately eat his cookie!!  So we bought Finn a new lunch box to make his peanut butter sandwich more appealing. 

We bought Sam a new backpack too. Sam has never had a new backpack - Finn usually gets the new one and San carries his old one. So his year we made Finn carry his backpack from last year  (because there was nothing) wrong with it ) and let Sam pick out a new one. He said he didn't want a new backpack, but quickly changed his mind when we went down the backpack aisle. He chose the Ninja Turtles. He was so excited - he put it on in the store and wore it to the checkout counter.