The Lake

On Thursday Gigi came to pick the boys up and take them to Eddie and Elanie's lake house for the weekend.  They got there fairly early on Friday and played with Lane and Levi. 

They went down to the lake.

Later that evening Michael, Will and I drove up.  We stopped in Cookeville to eat at BlueCoast. 

With a house full of boys it didn't take long for the wrestling to commence. 

Elaine and Will. 

After breakfast we went down to the lake. 

The first thing we did was ride the jet skis.  Those jet skis can get up to 65 miles per hour.  The boys had a blast. 

Next we spent some time swimming.  Both boys jumped off of the top of the pontoon - which I estimate is about 12 feet.  

Then they got the tube out. 

Finn and Lane played really well together. 

Will slept the entire time we were out. 

All the boys.

We left right before dinner on Saturday.  Finn and Sam stayed with Grandad and Gigi for one more night. 

The next morning they went to the lake again.