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Working Out

Working out used to be my favorite time of the day.  I got up early - around 5:00 a.m and would lift for an hour.  It was peaceful and quiet and energizing.  Now that we have three children - working out has changed. What use to take 30 minutes has now turned into an hour. Due mostly to the fact that I have three boys hanging on me.  One of which has a question every 30 seconds about what I am doing - I'm sure you can guess that it is Finn. 

Finn waits until I decide to go work out to decide that he needs to work out too.  Try as I may, I can't  teach him gym etiquette . He jumps onto every piece of equipment that I am using the second I turn my back.  Everything I do he will ask - "will this help me jump higher?"  Jumping has become of utmost important to the Finnster.  To quote Finn, "if I am going to be in the NBA, I have to be able to jump high."  After fighting Finn tooth and nail for the chance to use my equipment I finally gave up and said Finn, why don't you work out your biceps.  He took a moment to think about it and said with grave sincerity, "oh yes mom, my biceps are getting bad." 

He will also ask me if the exercises I am doing will help him get "less fat."  I told him that he didn't have to worry because he wasn't fat.  He responded - "I know, I just want to get more skinny."  UUUGGHH. 

Sam is trying to make Will laugh.  It worked once so he does it all the time now. 

Oh and Nana, you will be pleased to learn the librarian at HCA read "The Book with No Pictures" to Sam's class last week at school.  I guess this means that "boo boo butt" is no longer off limits. 

In addition to "boo boo butt" the boys love to call each other a  "blue footed booby."  We discovered this little gem in Finn's library book.  He checked a book about animals - one of which is called the "blue footed booby." This particular bird has blue feet which he shakes around in a circle in order to attract a mate - Finn thought that was great!


  1. Yes!! An extremely conservative Christian School has placed it's stamp of approval on "Boo-Boo-Butt"! I am vindicated!!!!!!


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