King George

This week at school Finn has been studying about the revolutionary war. While in the car he explained to me that America was upset because the "bad King George" was making them pay too much in taxes. Finn has been pretty interested in the Revolutionary War, due in part to Hamilton the musical.  After discussing King George, I turned on the song from Hamilton sung by the King George character. Finn said, "he doesn't sound mean - is that what he really sounds like?" I explained to Finn that there is no one alive today that know what King George actually sounded like because he lived a long time ago before recording devices were invented.  Finn casually responded, "okay, I'll just look it up on YouTube."  You do that Finn. 

Since Will hasn't had his shots yet, I still take him with me when I teach my middle school Sunday School class. Last week we played our own version the Escape Game.  I knew that there would be 200 students running around like chickens with their heads cut off so I took precaution and stowed him under the stage.

You can really tell that Will is getting older, because he isn't sleeping as much.  He spends much of his day wide awake.  This is great for trying to get him in a regular sleep pattern, but it is not so great for church purposes.  I had to take him out half way through the worship service.  Finn came to the worship service with us last week too.  He was so worried about Will during the singing.  The music in the auditorium is really loud and Finn was a nervous wreck about Will's ears.  Every few second he would bend down to the baby carrier and check on him.

After church we went to eat Hot Chicken with Dustin and Elena and their kids; Dustin's brother Derek and Eric and Amanda.  I thought I would never say this - but I really like Hot Chicken!

This is what Will wore to church on Sunday. 

They are so sweet together. 

You really can see him grow! He has gotten so big!