Finn's Maladies

Finn got in trouble at school on Monday.  He was misbehaving during reading circle and was asked to leave the circle. His teacher sends him back to his desk to work on a worksheet and Finn tells her that his stomach hurt.  Finn's stomach more-than-likely didn't hurt - he was just embarrassed.

The next morning on the way to school Finn again starts to complain about his stomach.  He told me that he needed to go back home and go to bed because he was soooo tired.  I told Finn that he was going to school.  Befuddled at why his plan didn't work he decided to press on.  Finn next tells me that he has a headache.  I said, "Finn, a common symptom with a headache is sore toes. Do your toes hurt?"  Finn replies, "oh yes, my toes hurt."  I said, "and your elbows itch."  He immediately starts scratching his elbow and says, "oh mama, my elbow itches so bad."  Busted.  Finn went to school.

I had a very sweet moment with Sam this morning.  It wasn't anything out of the ordinary - just a pleasant drop off at school.  Sam was very excited that I took Finn to class first (I usually take Sam first).  As we were walking outside toward the preschool drop-off Sam ran up ahead.  His run was so sweet, it was a little lopsided due to his backpack bouncing around on his back. And he hunkered over to pick up some speed.  When he got to the door he jumped to push the doorbell.  He was so excited that he was able to reach it that he started running back toward me with both arms raised in victory.  When we got inside the class was already lined up in the common area.  Sam gave me a quick hug and ran in.  I watched him for a few seconds standing in the back of the line.  He spotted me and ran back to me as quick as he could and we did our special handshake.  When I got back to the car I looked over and Sam was standing at the window waving and smiling.  He looked so happy. In a season of my life where we are always running 100 miles an hour, it was a really happy moment for me.
These pictures are staged since I couldn't take a picture during our conversation. 


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