Hawaiian Shirt Day

Thursday was "Hawaiian Shirt" Day.  Sam does not have a Hawaiian shirt so we put him in this.  He looked so cute.  Then he told me that he needed a surf board. Finn went into the garage and came back with the boogie board.  I asked Sam if I could take his picture.  He said "SURE" and immediately hopped on the "surf board" and pretended to surf.

I think that I should enroll Sam in acting classes. 

Finn had the more "typical" Hawaiian Shirt look. Never mind the fact that it was 50 degrees outside. 

When I asked Finn is he wanted a picture on the surf board he said, "I'd love to" which is how he answers all questions that require a "yes."  Sam doesn't say "yes" either, instead he says, "SURE!" but it sounds more like (shoe -urr). 

Sam boogie boarding. 

Michael told me that when he dropped the boys off this morning Mrs. Finney told Michael how special Sam is and we are to take such care of him. 

This is the picture they took of Sam at school. Michael found it on their Facebook page. 

Gran picked the boys up from school yesterday and took them for haircuts.  Then we all ate at Texas Roadhouse.