Why Do My Children Hate Me

Michael was out of town last night which always makes for an interesting evening.  We got home around 3:30 and I let the boys play video games.  We don't let them play during the week - except when Michael is out of town. After they had played for about an hour Finn comes down looking for dinner.  I asked if he wanted to go to Chik-Fil-A and he said, "no, I want a real dinner at home."  He requested taco soup, so I made it.  The boys both love taco soup so I was little irritated when Sam started picking at his.  He would take a bite and say, "MOM! I don't like these spicy apples!" Translation - Rotel.  He kept asking for more and more water.  After three (3) glasses of water I cut him off.  He got really upset! Then that little stinker made himself throw up taco soup - EVERYWHERE!

The rest of the night was okay.  We read books and went to bed.  As I was getting into bed I got the horrible feeling that someone was watch us. Then my ears started playing tricks on me and I just knew someone was in our house.  I got up several times to check.  I was able to go to asleep after much prayer. I couldn't have been asleep more than ten (10) minutes when I again got the sensation that someone was looking at me. It was Finn.  He came into my room to tell me that Sam was gone. Having already been antsy, I jumped out of bed and ran into the boys' room.  In Finn's defense it did look like Sam was gone, but he was just way under the covers sound asleep.  I asked Finn what woke him up and he said, "my door was opened and I knew that you had shut it." Talk about a nerve wracking night.