Pirates v. Princess Day.

Wednesday was Pirate v. Princess day.  My kids went as homemade pirates.  It is amazing what you can do with a red t-shirt and eyeliner.  Michael told me that when he dropped the boys off at school he heard Finn's class freak out when Finn walked in.

On the way home we played one of our favorite "in the car" games - "let me guess what you are thinking about."  Its really quite simple, I think of an object and give the boys clues as to what the object is and then they guess.  What makes this game really fun is that Finn wants me to sing the clues.  We all take turns thinking of an object and giving clues.  During my turn yesterday I decided that my object would be a "tattoo."  I gave/sang the following clues:  1) I am permanent, 2) I am painful, 3) I get under your skin.  Sam, with great excitement yells out "IT'S ME MAMA!"