A Mother's Shame

Yesterday while at work I received a call from the daycare informing me that Will had a blowout and didn't have any clean clothes.  Instead of running home, I went across the street to the baby consignment shop and bought him a few things.  When I got back to the daycare I found my poor poopy baby wrapped in a pink blanket wearing a hat.  The hat was the only thing that I had in the diaper bag.  Further evidence of my superior mothering skills.

Later that same evening I was shamed once again, this time by my elder children's behavior.  We all know that a child's language and behavior is directly related to parenting.  Great.  Allow me to set the scene.  Finn and Sam were taking a long bath in my bathroom.  I was in my adjoining bedroom feeding Will.  After Will was satisfied, I went back into the bathroom to check on the boys.  As I entered the bathroom, to my horror, I heard Sam politely ask the following: "Finn, split water into my booty." I give up.  

We finally dug around and found Will a teething ring.  Well, I think this is a teething ring.  Either way, it works like a charm.