Today was Epcot Day.  I love Epcot but I didn't think that it would be the best day for the boys. Well, I was wrong.  I think it was Sam's favorite place.  He loved all the rides at Epcot - Soarin', Spaceship Earth, Nemo, Test Track and Frozen.  Sam had a list of questions that he asked before every ride:  1) Does it go up and down? 2) Does it go upside down? 3) Does it go backwards? Then we said, "will we just go slow and look at the characters?" As long as all the answers were to Sam's satisfaction he would say "Cool!".  He literally asked this before every ride and a couple of times if the lines were long.  He was so cute.

The first ride of the day was Nemo. I rode this with Sam and he loved it! Then we went to take pictures in Bruce's mouth.

 Fish face pose.

Next we went to ride "Soarin."  This was everyone's favorite ride of the day (except for Sam).  Sam's favorite ride was Spaceship Earth.  He loved being in the big ball - probably because it is the slowest ride in the whole world.

Next we went to the Tour of Countries to eat lunch at Liberty Inn.  It has been my favorite place to eat.

Then we went to meet Baymax but we accidentally went to the wrong spot and met Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.

Then we got in the correct line to meet Baymax.  It was about this time that we got separated from Papa. Nana went to look for Papa; Emily, Cooper and Hank went to ride Soarin; and Michael, Sam, Finn and I went to ride Test track.

Finn and Sam loved this.  They both created a car.  Sam's was so funny - but it out performed Finn's by one point (202/201).  Then we did a virtual test.  Sam was so upset when the ride was over.  He begged to ride it again.  But the line was 50 minutes and we couldn't wait it.

The boys would not stand still. 

Then we all met up at Frozen.  We were so excited to see Papa there!  Frozen was great. Everyone loved Frozen.  It was a great ride - the waiting area was so incredible.

After the ride we got a snack - I tried the frozen banana - then we caught a bus to Hollywood Studios.

 We ate pizza at Rizzo's Pizza and then went to watch Fantasmic.  We all loved it, of course.

Sam trying Tiramisu for the first time. 

He didn't care for it.