Animal Kingdom

Today was Animal Kingdom Day.  The day started with Nana running up and down the hallway with the all 5 boys.

Pretending to be bugs. Michael was mortified.

Then we went to the park.  Our first stop was to the Tree of Life where we watched the "It's Tough to Be a Bug" show.  It was hilarious.  It was in 3D so Sam attempted to grab things the whole time. Finn and Sam were both a little scared of the spiders. I love this show.  You get to feel things squiggle around in your chair.

Then the boys played in the Dinosaur Boneyard where Donald Duck gave all the boys autographed shovels to dig with.

Then we went to ride "Expedition Everest" or as we call it, "the Yeti Ride."  Sam rode with me and Finn rode with Nana.  Sam didn't hate it - but he didn't love it either.  Finn kept his eyes closed the whole time.  After the ride was over Sam was really excited that he rode it.  He kept asking me to take pictures of the mountain.

The Yeti pose.

Sam loves this view of the ride.  He liked watching the unsuspecting riders come shooting down the mountain.  Misery loves company, I guess. 

 Then we ate lunch where a big bird disrupted our entire meal. This bird was big, obnoxious and scared poor Cooper to death.  Mom kept feeding them even though there were signs everywhere asking people not to feed them.

 Then it was off to the safari.  We saw a lot of animals.  Finn's favorite was the cheetah and Sam's was the crocodile.  Sam sat with me on the safari and asked questions the whole time.  His little voice was so sweet. I enjoyed this moment with him so much.

Then we watched the Festival of the Lion King.  The park wouldn't honor our fastpasses - so we ended up in the very back.  Sam sat in my lap so that he could see.  He was amazed at the monkeys.

Next Michael, Finn, Sam and I went back to dinoland to ride the Flying Triceratops.  Then Finn and I rode Primevil Whirl.  Finn had decided this was new favorite ride.  Sam's favorite ride of the day was the Flying Triceratops.  I so often forget how little he is.

Then we conned Nana into ride the Kali River Rapids.  It was so much fun.  I don't think I laughed so hard all day.  It was almost 4:00 before we got on the ride - meaning the sun was going down and it was getting cooler - so no one on our boat wanted to get wet - especially Nana. Well, we ALL got wet, really wet. Finn and I loved that Nana got wet - it was so funny,

Then we rode over to Hollywood Studios for a Christmas Show.  They played Christmas music and displayed a Christmas elves story over the Ramen Chinese Theater.  The show was pretty good - it had fireworks - but the best part was the show was that they made it snow!

As much fun as he had at the park, one of the things that I enjoy the most was watching the cousins play together.  They have so much fun when they are all together.