Fly Guy Pumpkin

Last week Sam's class created pumpkins based on characters in children's books.  Sam decided to make "Fly Guy."   What this really meant is that I made "Fly Guy" while Sam cheered me on.  He was so sweet though.  The whole Sam said, "thank you for making Fly Guy with me" and "I love making Fly Guy with you mom."  Just listening to his sweet little voice was my favorite part.

This is Will on Saturdays.  We have learned that Will is really a very pleasant baby over the weekends because he is home.  Will does not sleep at all at daycare.  He will go from 7:30 to 2:30 without napping.  By the time we get him home he is exhausted and in a terrible.  He spends the rest of the night want to cuddle up with me and sleep.  Seeing as how I have two other children to take care of not to mention dinner to cook and lunches to pack - I can't spend all night holding Will.  This means that he doesn't get a lot of sleep in the evening either and his foul mood continues in an exhausing and vicious cycle.

However, on the weekends he gets to spend all of his time with us and he gets to nap on my bed.  Because he is home and happy he sleeps like a champ - leading to a much more pleasant disposition throughout the rest of the day.  I do love that he want to be with his family so much - and will go on "sleep strikes" until he gets his way.