Will's Four Month Appointment

On Friday I picked the boys up early from school and we went to the Pediatrician's Office.  Will needed a four (4) month check up and Finn was due for his seven (7) year check up.  I told both boys on the way over they were NOT getting shots.  Well, when we got there the nurse recommended that Finn and Sam get a flue shot. So much for trusting mom when she says you aren't getting a shot.

When we broke the news to them, Finn was rather alarmed and started his typical whining routine. Sam on the other hand said, "I'm not afraid to get a shot.  I'll show you how man does it."

When the time came Finn asked "Will it hurt?"  Michael and I, in unison, said, "Yes - it will hurt."  The nurse probably thinks we are the worst parents.  I guess I really am a pretty horrible parent, because I find great happiness in watching my kids get shots.  So much so that I photograph the event for posterity.

Finn getting prepped.

Finn bracing himself. 

The shot!

The recovery. Finn later admitted that it wasn't that bad. 

Next it was Sam's turn.  They had him lay down and gave him a shot in his thigh. 

The wind up . . . 

The shot!  Sam was hilarious!  He didn't make a peep, but instead opened his mouth as wide as he could in a faux scream and shook.  Michael and I laughed so hard. 

I didn't photograph Will's shots because I had to hold him down. Will, of course, cried during his shots.  As they were administering the shot, I heard a panicked voice to my right cry, "OH WILL, NOOOOO" and look over to see Finn burst out in tears.  He was so upset that Will was hurt.  It was so sweet.  

At this appointment, Will weighed 15 pounds and was in the 38% for weight.  He is in the 4% for height. 

After shots we went to Tullahoma to spend the night with Grandad and Gigi for Grandad's birthday.