Coming Home

It is never easy to come home from a Disney trip, but this time it was a bit easier because I came to this face.

We met Gigi at Busy Corner in Manchester for the exchange.  I was hoping that Will would be really excited to see me - but he wasn't.  In fact, when I went to pick him up he seemed to prefer to stay with Gigi.  I sat in the backseat with him all the way back to Gallatin.  He cried the whole way home. Suffice it say, my "welcome home mom" was not as I expected.  Matters got worse when Will didn't want to breastfeed the rest of the night.  One of my biggest fears about going to Disney was that Will would ween while I was gone.  Well, thankfully he didn't.  By the next morning it was back to business as usual. 

Will is starting to show interest is sitting up. He is still terrible at it, but we are making progress. 

As cantankerous as Will can be, he still has the best smile.  This is what he looks like when you give him 100% of your attention.  Consequently, Will gets a lot of attention.