Gettin' Strong Now!

Yes, for those of you who know me well, the title of my post is from the Rocky Theme Song. Why you may ask did I pull out the "big guns"? Scroll down and see.

Close, but no cigar.

There it is!

Finn enjoyed tummy time this morning! I have figured out that Finn likes tummy time in the morning right after he gets up. He didn't stay long (10 minutes tops), but he played and smiled the entire time he was down there.

He constantly has drool running down his chin. I bet that is two inches worth. Disgusting!

This afternoon Finn and I went to Victoria's to film a YouTube video with the girls in our Sunday School class. The purpose of the video is to raise community awareness about the Long Hollow Baptist Church youth group. We filmed for about two hours. Finn was pretty good - he didn't even mess up a take. Finn actually had a good time. He had five girls fawning over him for two hours. It must be so hard to be a baby - hint the sarcasm.

When we got back home, Finn took a two hour nap. After he woke up, we played in the floor for a while. We practiced sitting up for a long time. He is really getting good at sitting up.