Too Big for the Bumbo (Friday, January 22, 2010)

Well, Finn is officially too fat for his bumbo. I really thought that we would get an entire year out of this little seat, but for the time being we can hardly squeeze Finn's little fat legs into it. His legs are funny! His upper body is pretty normal sized, but his thighs are enormous. When we try to pull Finn out of the bumbo his bottom and legs get stuck and when he stands up it looks like he is wearing a bussle (I have no idea how to spell this). I love having such a fat little baby!

Finn looks like an Ewok in this picture, doesn't he!
After work, we met Brandon, Carissa and Addison for some pizza at Painturos. Finn sat in his car seat on top of the table for at least 15 minutes while we ate our salads. This is a record for him. Of course, about the time I congratulated him he was ready to be held. I love eating pizza with Finn, I can hold him with one arm and eat with the other hand. It works out perfectly. Plus pizza is mighty tasty.

Finn must have had a big day at home today because he fell asleep fairly soon after we got home. As promised, this baby had some tummy time before falling off to sleep.