Like Father, Like Son

Today we got some snow! Better late than never I guess. It wasn't much - but it was enough to cause us to go into work an hour later. We have never driven on ice with Finn in the car so we waited an extra hour to allow time for the back roads to warm up a bit.

At some point every morning I put Finn in his jumping gym to keep him occupied while I am in need of both arms. It is usually when I am washing bottles or packing his diaper bag. This morning while Michael was eating breakfast I put Finn in the jumping gym so that I could so get dressed. When I came back downstairs I saw Michael on the couch watching the National Championship game that he had recorded the night before and directly in front was Michael was Finn in his gym watching the football game. We have noticed that Finn loves to watch football and basketball. We think it is because of all the movement and colors. Nonetheless, it was sweet to see Michael and Finn enjoying the game together.
Today Finn went to Victoria's for the day. Her girls were out of school thanks to the big snow storm so Finn had a lot of fun girls to play with! On the way to Victoria's Finn was very upset. I sat in the backseat with him and sang to him. The singing seemed to help a bit but after the song was over he would start up again. I am glad that he likes his Mama's silly songs.

After work the three of us spent a relaxing night at home. Dinner was catered, courtesy of Papa Murphy's, and we watched the happening (lousy movie by the way).