9 Year Anniversary

After our canoe trip on Sunday,  Michael packed up and went to West Tennessee for the week.  His trip conveniently coinsided with the week the boys weren't in school.  This meant that they were either home with me or with Gran all week.  On Monday the boys went to Gran's house while Mimi and I went to give and take depositions in Springfield.

On Tuesday, the boys stayed home with me all day.  Inspite of spending a good portion of the day preparing for trial - we had really good day.  The boys played nicely together and didn't get too frustrated with me vegging on the couch with my file. We also played outside and went to Kroger to buy a new trashcan.  Fancy!  Later that night during prayers, Sam thanked God for "Splash Mountain." MInd you, Sam has never riden "Splash Mountain" but was thankful all the same. 

On Wednesday I had to be in trial all day so the boys spent the day with Gran. 

The big event of the day was the much needed haircut.  Gran took both boys to see Mr. Danny.  He gives the best boy hair cuts hands down. 

After getting their hair cut they (Finn, Sam and Gran) met me at Parker Uniforms in Goodlettsville.  Upon seeing me, Finn jumps out of the car and proudly states that Sam didn't cry during his haircut. Yes, that's right - it was a tear free venture.  Since school is starting back up we had to go get Finn's new chapel uniform.  We also got Sam a little blue HCA polo shirt.  

Next we walked over to Longhorns for dinner.  Finn had a hamburger and Sam ate mostly brocolli. Gran promised that if they were good during their hair cuts she would get them milkshakes.  Longhorn doesn't have milkshakes, but they have pretty good ice cream sundays.  Sam shared half of his with me.  Sam really is a good little "sharer."  If I even look in Finn's direction when he is eating sweets he panics.  Sam would say, "here's a bit for you mommy" and shove the spoon in the mouth (whether I wanted it or not).

When we got home we were surprised to see Daddy.  He wasn't supposed to be home until the next day - so we were all pretty happy to see him.  Especially since it was our 9 year anniversary.  He brought home one of the prettiest flower arrangments that I have ever seen. 

We spent the rest of the evening watching "House of Cards." 

Before going to bed I went in to check on the boys.  Sam looked so sweet that I had to take is picture. 


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