PCB 2014 Day 1

After lunch on the 4th, we loaded up in the cars and drove to Panama City Beach.  Finn and Sam rode with Grandad and Gigi and watched individual televisions the whole way.  Both boys only took about an hour nap the entire trip. At 8:30 p.m. we stopped at Firehouse to eat supper.  Sam must have been stir crazy because he went nuts in the restaurant - he screamed and ran around and talked as loudly as he could.  

After supper we went outside to get back in the car.  Troy, Alabama was shooting off their city fireworks.  Finn and Sam were both mesmerized.  Sam kept saying, "LOOK - FIRE TRUCKS!"

We arrived at the condo around midnight.  We hit a huge amount of traffic. 

Once at the condo we settled in for the evening.  Finn and Sam prepared to sleep in the same bed.  Sam was cool with it - Finn was not.  But the second we turned the lights off they were zonked out. 

The next morning they woke up early to go on their early morning golf course walk with Grandad.  Michael and I were still sound asleep.

At 8:00, Michael and I got up and went to the little pool for a while.

 Sam, who was clearly sleep deprived, was a beast.  He wasn't even remotely pleasant. 

Next, we headed down to the ocean.  This was a big hit for the boys.  They both loved playing in the sand. 

After a long nap (four hours for Sam) we played on the golf course.  Finn and Sam would run up the mounds and proclaim that they were "king of the mountain."

At one point Finn told me that he needed to go to the bathroom.  I took him inside to go.  Whilst "going" Finn ever so seriously said, "Mom, I've got to tell you something."  He then said, "I really like superheros like Ironman and Superman, but I don't know who they are when they aren't wearing their superhero costumes." He looked so bummed.

When we go back outside, Sam was sitting in Grandad's lap eating goldfish. Out of nowhere, Sam looked at Grandad and said, "poot head."  Grandad calls all the boys "poot heads."  Sam is returning the sentiment.  I told Dad that if Sam gets in trouble at school - he is the one that has to take the blame.

After supper, hamburgers, we went down for a quick walk on the beach. Finn couldn't understand how he could both walk on the beach and play in the sand with his ninja turtles, so we ended up just letting them play in the sand.  I think that they could play in the sand all day if we would let them.

 Before bed, both boys had some ice cream.


  1. Wow, it looks like it's gorgeous weather and water there!!


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