Disney Day 2

Day 2 of our Disney vacation started out in the gym.  Dad and I got up at 6:00 for a quick workout.  Next we got ready, ate a quick breakfast in the room and then headed for the bus stop.  On our way to the buses, we were stopped by a Disney Employee asking whether we wanted to help open the store (gift shop).  We agreed, so we all walked into the back of this enormous shop.  They handed up tambourines to shake and signs to hold as we walked through the store.  All of the employees clapped and cheered for Finn as he approached the gate. They gave Finn the key and let him raise the gate.  It was our "Magical Moment" for the week.  Then they took our picture and we were on our way.  It sounds a little hoakie - but I loved every second.

Next we boarded the bus for Animal Kingdom.  We arrived a few minutes before they opened the park, so Finn and I explored.  Finn took me down many winding paths - all of which lead to the Rain Forest Cafe.  We went inside to check out the goods.  Finn found an enormous stuffed python that he thought Sam could not possibly live without.  I refused to buy that snake.  Then Finn got really nervous that a snake was going to fall from the ceiling so we left.

The first thing we did after the park  opened was to take the safari.  We picked a good time to go because there wasn't a line and we saw tons of animals.  

Next we rode "Everest Expedition."  Finn liked about 50% of that ride.  Once we went into the cave, I felt him check out.  He lowered his head into my shoulder and didn't raise up the rest of the time.  After getting off the ride he told me that he would NOT ride that one again.

Next was "The Festival of the Lion King."  It is the most incredible stage show.  Finn LOVED this show.  He kept telling me to take pictures so that he could send them to daddy. Finn was glued to this show the entire time.  His favorite was the acrobatic monkeys.  He also like the fire thrower.  He told me several times during the show how much fun he was having and how awesome it was. 

Finn pointing to that which wanted me to take a picture. 

While were were waiting in line for the Lion King, a recording of Goofy came on over the loud speakers.  Finn turned to me and said, "mom, we need to go find Goofy - he called me yesterday and told me that he would see me soon."  He was so serious and so sure that Goofy had called him.

Then we crossed the park and watched "Finding Nemo the Musical." Finn liked this one too - especially the end where they released thousands of bubbles.  I got a little teary with all the sweet, swelling music, watching Finn's face light up as he chased bubbles.  I'll tell ya, Disney really knows what they are doing.

After the shows the women rode Primevil Swirl and then we got a bite to eat.  Finn ate a cheeseburger that came in a bucket.  He was pumped!

Next we rode "Dinosaur."  I thought that Finn would really like this one because it is jammed full of dinousaurs.  He didn't like it as much as I thought - one look at that carnataur and he screamed and put his head in my shoulder.  This was the first time that I have heard Finn scream on a ride.  When the ride was over he was fine and went to into the gift shop to play with the carnataur toys.  I have learned that when it comes to big, scary dinosaurs, Finn talks a big game.

Waiting in line at the Kali River Rapids.

Last we rode the Kali River Rapids.  Despite the hour wait Finn loved this one.  We all got soaked to the bone.  Finn laughed the whole time.  He really likes water rides.  He also liked squirting the other passengers.  There is a button on the bridge over looking the ride.  Once you push this button unsuspecting riders get a shower.  Finn thought this was hilarious.

After the water ride we decided to call it day and go back to the hotel for a quick nap.  When we got back to the hotel I let Finn pick out his souvenir.  He chose a stuffed "Stitch."  He was so happy about this toy!  When we got back into the room the hotel staff had made animals out of the towels.  Finn took one look at them and said, "Look what Grandad made!"  Some how or another Grandad got to take 100% credit for that one.  Finn then said, "Grandad must have a good imagination."

Finn's attempt to make a towel animal. 

At 6:00 we went back to Magic Kingdom to board the monorail to go the Polynesian Hotel for a Luau.  About the time we got there it started storming.  We managed to get to the covered part before the storm really hit.   The food was at the Luau was great.  Since we didn't start eating until 8:30, I readied myself for a terrible night with Finn.  Even on very little sleep he did well.  He ate his Hawaiian bread and cheese pizza and watched the show with great interest.  He was especially impressed with the fire dancer, as were we all.

Around 11:00 we headed back to the Magic Kingdom to ride a few more rides.  We figured that the rain and the late hour would help with the lines - it did.  We didn't wait more than 15 minutes for anything.  As we walked into the park they were showing a laser show on the Castle.  Since it was very dark I decided to carry Finn though the crowd.  As we were walking we heard "Let it Go" come over the loud speakers.  Finn was so excited to see Frozen projected on the Castle.

The first ride was "The Haunted Mansion."  Finn really liked this one. At one point during the ride, the narrator said something about keeping the mysteries of the house a secret.  Finn looked at me and very seriously said, "We can't tell Daddy any of this."    Second, we rode "Splash Mountain" again.  Third, we rode "Big Thunder Railroad."  Finn wasn't crazy about it - but didn't complain.  Fourth we rode "The Flight of Peter Pan."  This was a big hit for Finn.  

Last we watched the "Mickey's PhilharMagic" show.  This was a 3D show where we heard the most popular Disney songs, as orchestrated by Donald. It was really interactive.  You could smell the food cooking in "Be Our Guest."  You were splashed with water in the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" and you could feel the wind in "A Whole New World."  By this time is was almost 1:00 in the morning and the park was closing.  Finn did great the entire time.  He caught a second wind about 10:00 p.m. and almost ran us to death.  I think that being out of the sun helped as much as anything.  Definitely do Disney parks at night.