Tonight we went to Firehouse Subs for dinner.  We ordered the boys a grilled cheese and Cheetos. Sam ended up eating two bites of grilled cheese and four long spear pickles.  He ate both mine and Michael's pickle and asked for more.  We asked if we could have a few more pickles.  They brought us at least twelve.  Sam's eyes were a big as quarters.  All was going well until Sam accidentally bit his thumb while eating his beloved pickle.  He was so pitiful.  He just cried and cried.  And with that unfortunate incident we left.

Next we ran over to Best Buy to get a TV mount.  We plan to mount the TV in the playroom on the wall.  Finn and Sam were mesmerized by the wall of televisions.  You could hear them screeching all over the store.  On the way out we looked at the kids movies and the Disney Infiniti games.

Once home I gave the boys baths and they are currently watching a Mickey Mouse Christmas program.


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