Well . . .

Last night on the way home from the store, Finn, out of nowhere, asked Michael if Santa was real.  Michael, not knowing exactly what to say, asked Finn, "what do you think?  Finn said, "No."  He explained that the reason he doesn't believe that Santa is real is because he has heard a lot about him but has never seen him.  When Finn got home he asked me the same question.  Again, he said that he didn't believe that Santa was real. 

We then told Finn that he wasn't allowed to any other person that Santa wasn't real.  Poor ol' Sam - he will know the truth tomorrow.

Michael and I then told Finn the truth. He didn't seem disappointed - just content to know for sure.  I, on the other hand was devastated.  After putting him to bed I had a good cry.

Finn really is just a little "Michael Begley."  He is just so logical.