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Day 4

Today was Epcot.  I think that Epcot is seriously underrated. The park opened at 9:00.  We were in line by 8:30. While in line we called Nana and Sam.  Our first stop was to the test track.  We didn't have a Fast Pass for the test track so we ran to the back of the park as fast as we could move.

Finn and Grandad building their virtual car. 

Mine and Gigi's virtual car. 

The line was only about 10 minutes long, so we thrilled.  Once inside, we designed out own virtual cars.  The ride itself was pretty great.  Finn loved it of course. After the ride was over Dad and I went to ride "Mission Space" while Finn and Gigi rode the "Test Track" again.  Finn was too little to ride "Mission Space"  I may have a new favorite ride in "Mission Space." It was really intense. The ride is designed to simulate blasting off into space.  The pressure at takeoff is so strong that you can feel your stomach sink in and your face stretch out.  I was pretty nervous before the ride started, but ended up loving it.

Finn trying out the new Chevy's in the test car lobby. 

As we were heading for our next stop, we happened to see that Mickey, Minnie and Goofy were taking pictures with kids.  Finn really wanted to meet them so we stopped in.  Finn had so much fun.  A lady behind us told me that she loved watching Finn because he was so excited and sweet.

Next we used our Fast Pass to ride Soarin'.  It is one of those big screen rides that makes you feel like you are hang gliding.  Finn loved this one too.

Then we went over to ride "Spaceship Earth"  otherwise known as the big ball.  

As the ride was beginning they took our picture and put our heads on character's bodies.  Finn's picture is hilarious. It looks like he is in the middle of shooting a "hard bird." 

After the big ball we rode the "Nemo" ride and saw the "Talking with Crush" show - this show is really funny.  After the show we saw what Finn has been waiting most of his short life to see - Bruce.  He has talked about taking his picture in "Bruce's" mouth for months.

Next it was off to the Show Case of Countries to eat lunch.  We ate the Biergarten in Germany.  Finn had traditional German food consisting of cheese cubes, one bite of macaroni and cheese and a chocolate chip cookie all for the low, low price of $19.99.  The restaurant was pretty awesome.

The German area of the Tour of Countries. 

After lunch we walked around the countries a little bit.  We rode "The Three Cabaneros" in Mexico and the Maelstrom in Norway.

We also stopped and let Finn play in the fountain.

Before leaving the park we were treated to free ice cream by Guest Services and then we sampled cokes from other countries.  All disguisting.  Finn loved his lime green concoction from South Africa.

Epcot is really a great park.  Most of the waits for the rides were indoors.  Not being in the sun made it much easier for Finn to keep his energy levels up.

We got back to the room around 6:00.  We took a quick power nap and then Dad, Finn and I went back to Hollywood Studios to watch Fantasmic.  Fantasmic was incredible.  It was par
t real life (characters) and part light show.  It starred Mickey - the Mickey from Fantasia.  It had many of the characters - but mostly featured the villians.  Finn was completely in awe of the show.  He loved the enormous snake, the "devil" from Fantasia and the dragon from "Sleeping Beauty."  I loved watching Finn.  He had a constant look of wonderment and joy. When it was over Finn looked over and told how much he liked the show.

After the show was over Grandad carried Finn out on his shoulders all the way to the bus.  Once we got back to the room, we put on our jammies and watched the Disney Park channel.  Every time Finn and I were in the room all we watched was the park channel.  Finn liked watching all the rides that we had already ridden.


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