Bunk Beds

Well July 20, 2014, was definitely Christmas in July.  Gran and Pa got and assembled bunk beds for the boys. While the boys were napping Daddy and Pa put the beds together.  Gran and I went to Target to pick out bedding.  We found the cutest dinosaur patch work quilt bedspreads - they were perfect.  When the boys saw those bedspreads they went absolutely bonkers.  I really don't know if I have ever seen them so excited before.

Once the beds were assembled, Gran and I put on the dinosaur sheets and the bedspreads.  Then we put the boys to bed - Finn on the top and Sam on the bottom.  Sam really wanted to sleep on top and spent all of his energy trying to sneak up the ladder.

 Pure joy - thank you Gran and Pa, and especially Pa for assembling the bed.

After putting the boys to bed we waited for the fallout.  We fully expected Finn and/or Sam to get up a hundred times.  Well, Finn only got up once to tell on Sam for talking too much.  Michael put a stop to the talking and they slept like logs through the night.  The next night was even better - Finn allowed us to close the door all the way.  Sam has always slept the door closed, but Finn hasn't.  The next morning Finn told us that he really liked sleeping in the same room with Sam.

Earlier in the day (Sunday) we met Gran and Pa for Gran's birthday lunch at Monell's. Monell's is right past Finn and Sam's school so the whole way there they asked if we were taking them to school.  They knew it was Sunday and could not comprehend why we would be taking them to school on a Sunday.  Even after repeated promises that we were not taking them to school, you could tell the boys were still nervous.

Lunch was really good - everything is always good at Monell's. Sam ate a little bit of everything, corn casserole, green beans, potatoes mac-n-cheese, pork roast, corn bread, pineapple casserole and cake.  Finn ate rolls and cake. We did managed to get him to eat some corn casserole (big whoop - it is straight sugar) and a few green beans.

Pa also got Gran a cake and shared with everyone sitting at the table.  Sam wanted to make sure everyone got a piece of cake (especially the people we didn't know) and would say, "do you want a brown piece?" (It was a chocolate cake).  He was quite the talkative little boy.