Circus World

Friday was the boy's last day of Summer Camp.  In honor of Daddy being home from Seattle, the boys wore their Space Needle shirts.  When we picked the boys up we learned that Ms. Sonya was staying to teach the two year old class on a fulltime basis.  I am so excited!
In preparation for school starting we have been working on the alphabet flashcards.  Finn has remembered all of his letters and most of his sounds.  Sam can recognize and say the letters "I" and "J".  He also knows the letter B, C, D and S.  When I show him the "b" card, instead of saying the letter shown he will say, "oh, that's Ms. Beth."  When I show him the "c" card he says, "oh, that's Caleb."  "D" is for Drae and "S" is for Sam.  So while he doesn't say the letter, he does have some letter recognition.

On Friday night we went for a cookout at Gran and Pa's house.  Finn spent the night with Gran that evening with a few of the kids from Gran's church.  The next morning they woke up and made dinosaur crafts.  Sam and I then met the group at Circus World for a day of games and bowling. Our first stop was to the climbing area.  Gran and I sat on the couch which Finn, Sam and the other kids climbed around.  After a few minutes we heard a blood curdling scream.  We recognized Finn's scream immediately.  This meant that I had to crawl up three stories of multicolored tubes to try to find Finn.  It took me a while to find him, but when I did I realize that Finn was completely lost and couldn't figure out how to get down.  I can see how you can get turned around in those stuffy little tubes.

Finn was immediately drawn to the "shooting" games.

Check out Sam's enthusiasm.

Sam watching Finn ride the bumper cars.

Next we ate pizza and Icees. 

We also bowled a game.  Finn got his first strike.  He did use the "positioner" and the "bumpers."  Both he and Sam loved bowling.