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Day 6: Animal Kingdom and Leaving Day

Monday was our last day at Disney.  We decided to spent it at Animal Kingdom. We started the day with a showing of "It's Tough to Be a Bug."  Then we went over to the "Dinosaur" ride.  For the last few days Finn has been asking for a large Carnataur toy.  I told him that I would get him a Carnataur if he would ride the Dinosaur ride and keep his eyes opened.  We had long, long discussions about how there is no way he could get eaten by a Carnataur on the ride.  Finn finally decided that would ride.  He told me, "mom, I think that I can be brave enough to ride."  Well, he did awesome.  He kept his eyes open through the whole ride and came out on the other side loving it.  He was so proud of himself for conquering his fear.  As promised, he got a carnataur.

Before leaving Dinoland Dad and I took turns ride "Primevil Swirl" with Gina.  Then dad and I went over to Asia to ride "Expedition Everest."  This really is a fantastic ride.  The first time I rode, I sat next to Finn and worried and watched him the entire time so I didn't pay a lot of attention to the ride.  This time my full concentration was on the ride.  I could not believe how intense this ride was.  I screamed bloody murder. 

 As we were unloading, I turned to dad and said, "I can't believe that Finn rode this ride."  Now I completely understand why Finn looked at me like I had completely lost my mind after his ride was over.

One of the main reasons we went back to Animal Kingdom was so that Finn could ride the "Kali River Rapids" again.  He loved this ride.  The line was only 30 minutes so Dad, Finn decided to go for it.  Once on the ride, Finn couldn't contain his excitement.  He kept going on and on about how wet I was going to get.  I bet he laughed more on this ride than he did on any other ride.  Anytime even a small amount of water fell on me he would just cackle.  At the point in the ride that we were hit with the wall of water (I am not joking - is about a seven foot wall of water) Finn yelled as loud as he could - "THIS IS SO AWESOME."  It was just pure excitement.

Needless to say, we were all pretty wet.  After the rapids, Dad and I used our Fast Passes to ride "Expedition Everest" for the last time.  We spent the rest of our time meeting characters.  I am so happy that Finn was able to meet so many characters. He loved this so much.  During the trip he saw that other kids were getting the character's autograph.  He asked me if he could have a piece of paper for the characters to sign - it was just so precious, My biggest regret is that I didn't buy Finn an autograph book.

It was about this time that I saw Brooke Lopez just walking around. 

As we were leaving the park for the last time, Finn whispered to me (I was carrying him), "mom, I am too sad to leave Disney World, Disney World is just too much fun." It made my day to hear him say that.  While I know that Finn had a great time meeting characters and riding rides, Finn did have a hard time walking the parks all day and waiting in line (waiting in line especially).  I was worried that Finn would mostly remember the heat, the lines and the walking and forget the fun.  Well, I was wrong - Finn remembered the fun and seemed very appreciative for the experience. It was the perfect end to a wonderful trip.

We arrived back to the resort at 2:00. We were already checked out of our rooms and our shuttle to the airport didn't leave until 6:15.  To pass the time we decided to take Finn to the pool - something we hadn't done all week.

At 6:15 we boarded the "Magical Express" for the airport.  The bus was packed so Finn sat in my lap.  He was out cold within a few minutes.  Once at the airport we ate supper - Finn had a happy meal, and then we waited at the gate to board the plane.  Finn sat in the floor and played with his new toys.  It was at this point that Finn mentioned that he missed Daddy and Sam, but that he didn't want to leave Disney World.

While on the plane Finn played with Stitch for a few minutes before drifting off to sleep.

Gran picked us up from the airport and took us home for the night.  Finn and I unpacked and went straight to sleep.  

I really did have a great time with Finn.  He was such a trooper!  Got him up every morning at 6:00ish - had him to the park by the time it opened, gave him an hour nap and then closed the place down.  To top it off, we learned that he had an ear infection the entire time.  

One fun thing that Finn and I did was to race to the room at night.  He would tell Dad and I to take the steps and he and Gigi would take the elevator.  So Dad and I would race up the stairs and be laying in bed by the time he and Gigi opened the door  He couldn't get it into his head how on earth we beat him. 


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