Disney Day 5

Our fifth day started very early with a character breakfast at "Hollywood and Vine."  We arrived at the park around 7:30 and waited at the gate for 30 minutes before they let us in.  Finn was pretty worn out and asked about every 30 seconds, "how much longer?"

Finn peeking on the characters at Hollywood and Vine.

Once they let us in we headed to the diner.  We were the second family seated.  Right after we were seated Sofia from "Sofia the First" came over.  Finn was so happy - which made me so happy.  I didn't realize how much Finn would enjoy meeting the characters.  Sometimes I forget that Finn is only four years old. 

 Next he met "Doc McStuffins" who listened to Finn's heart then Manny from "Handy Manny" and last, Jake from "Jake and the Neverland Pirates."  

This was great experience for us.  In addition to being really excited about meeting the characters, Finn was thrilled with his breakfast - eggs and Mickey shaped waffles.  He ate a ton - which makes sense seeing as how he probably walked fifty miles this week.

After breakfast we ran over to the "Star Tours" area to sign Finn up to fight "Darth Vader."  Once in line they asked Finn a series of questions that he had no idea how to answer.  I think this either scared or embarrassed him and he decided that he did not want to train as a Jedi and fight Darth Vader on the stage in front of a street full of people.

Seeing as how it was really early in the day we had a few free hours, Dad and I decided to take advantage of the short lines and went to ride the "Rockin' Roller Coaster" and "Tower of Terror."   Gigi and Finn rode the "Toy Story Ride" and then went to meet "Lightening McQueen and Mater" and "Phineus and Ferb." 

The "Toy Story" ride. 

We met with them and headed out to the "Backlot Tour" were we saw a short demonstration on how battle sequences are stages and filmed.  Finn got nervous every time the bullets hit the water.

 All started out well . . .

Finn's nervous face.

Here, we were in the canyon watching a stunt where a oil tanker catches on fire and thousands of gallons of water rush straight at us.  Finn was a little nervous.

Mike and Sulley.

Then we went to Finn's favorite place of the entire day - "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" playset.  I played with Finn for a while.  We explored every inch of that play area.  

Then Dad and I went back to use our Fast Pass for "Tower of Terror."  Finn and Gigi went to see the "Muppets" show.  We met back up after our respective rides were over and we use our Fast Pass for the "Toy Story" ride.

After "Toy Story" was over, Finn was insistent that Grandad see the Disney Jr. show. He had talked about it for at least two whole days.    Since Finn had already seen the show, he anticipated the bubbles, the gold de'blumes and the streamers perfectly.  He was pretty disappointed that he didn't catch a gold de'blume but his mood increased significantly after he was showered with streamers.

Mr. Incredible and Frozone.

We left Hollywood Studios around 1:00 and traveled over to Downtown Disney. 

Finn pretending to be Darth Vader.

Being "Captain Jack Sparrow."

We had reservations to eat at the T-Rex restaurant.  While waiting Finn played a create your own dinosaur game.  Finn was a little apprehensive of the dinosaurs.  They looked and moved very realistically.  Finn, being a big fan of dinosaurs was very curious about the dinosaurs and would try to get close.  However, anytime they moved, he jumped back and cowered down.  I finally convinced Finn to put his head in the triceratop's mouth.

By the time our food came - we were all exhausted and starving.  We all ate a burgers - even Finn finished every last bite.  The food was delicious and just what we needed to tackle the rest of Downtown Disney. We made a stop in the Disney toy store - and then in the largest Disney Store in the world.  We also went to Disney Quest which is a virtual arcade type place. We rode a few virtual rides, but overall we weren't big fans.  We did play a pretty mean game of air hockey.  

On our way back to the bus, we stopped at Girardelli for ice cream.

We made it back to the room around 7:00.  Before going back to the room I stopped in the gift shop and bought Sam's present.  I let Finn help me pick it out.  Finn decided that Sam needed a Stitch toy too.  Finn was so excited for Sam. He told me that we picked "the perfect" toy for Sam. We all took about an hour nap and then we went back to Magic Kingdom for our last night. 

 We got to the park about the time the parade was starting so we had to book it to get across the park.  First we stopped in Tomorrowland to ride the "Stitch" ride.  Finn loved this ride, first because it starred Stitch and second because Stitch spit, burped and jumped on our shoulders - all in the dark.

Finn on "Small World."

Next we hopped over to ride "Small World."  Finn noticed that ride (which is a slow moving water ride) was filled with coins.  I gave Finn a penny and let him throw it in. It was a sweet memory for me.  Finn seemed to like "Small World."  Next we wanted to ride "Peter Pan's Flight" again.  He specifically wanted to ride with me.  There isn't much better than riding with a little boy on the Peter Pan ride.

After Peter Pan we started walking toward "Pirates of the Caribbean."  It was dark and crowded, and we were running low on time so I carried Finn to the ride.  As we walking through Adventureland we heard the fireworks.  I stopped walking and paused a minute to let Finn watch.  This may have been my favorite moment of the entire trip - holding Finn in the middle of Adventureland, watching the fireworks while listening to "When You Wish Upon a Star" and watching Finn's face light up.  I teared up just a little.

Next we rode the "Pirates" ride.  As many times as I have been to Disney World, I have never ridden "Pirates."  I was sure it was an urban legend.   The best part of the ride was the music.

On our way out of the park we happened to stop by the "Swiss Family Robinson" Treehouse.  The sight of the treehouse was all Finn needed to catch his second wind.  He really enjoyed the treehouse.   The first time I went to Magic Kingdom I was five years old.  This treehouse was the most vivid of all of my memories from this trip.  Haven't been back to the treehouse in 28 years and it literally felt like I had been just a few months ago - that is how vividly I remember.

We left at 11:00 - closing time and went back to the room.  Finn fell asleep on my lap in bus.  When we got to the resort, Finn was so sleepy that we was completely disoriented.  I carried him to the room and put him in straight to bed.