Saturday, September 28, 2013

Crown Bearer

On Friday I took Finn and Sam to Gran's house to play for a few minutes while I ran a few errands.  Both boys were very excited to go play at Gran's house - Sandy was excited too!  As we were walking in Sandy (in her excitement to see Finn) bumped into him.  Finn fell off the top step and landed on his back in the landscaping.  Other than a slight scratch on his cheek he came out of the bushed unscathed.  He cried for a minute or two - but recovered quickly.

After picking the boys up we went home and packed for the weekend.  Grandad picked us up at noon to take us back to his house.  Finn was the crown bearer at the Tullahoma High School homecoming.

We played at Grandad's house for a couple of hours before getting ready for the game.  Finn was a little uncooperative - but we did manage to get him all "tuxed" up.  To finish the look we put a little makeup on his scratch.

When we got to field we put on Finn's jacket and corsage.  Then we took his picture in front on his name.

Right before putting Finn in the car we noticed that he had grease all over his hands - it was everywhere - on his sleeves and under his fingenails.  We were just glad that he didn't touch Daisy's dress.

 Finn and Daisy

 With the Homecoming Queen. 

 Finn with grease on his hands.

Grandad borrowed a convertible from Eddie and Elaine to drive Finn and Daisy.  Finn sat calmly next to Daisy and waved all the way around the track.

Next it was time to walk out on the field.  Finn walked holding Daisy's crown. As Finn was walking through the swords they announced his name, his family, his school and the fact that he loved dinosaurs and play-doh.

When they arrived at the end Daisy was crowned and Finn was given a football signed by the team.  He was so proud of that football.

Next it was to take pictures with the homecoming court. They were already at center field.  Daisy and Finn were all the say back up at the track.  We instructed them to back up and stand with the other members of the court.  They took us seriously.  They walked backwards all the way to midfield.  We couldn't get them to turn around and walk for love or money.  At one point (still walking backwards) Daisy got ahead of Finn - upon noticing this she stopped, let him catch up and the two proceeded to walk backwards.  It was so cute.

I was so proud of Finn - he did a great job. He listened, followed all the cues and didn't roar at Daisy one time.

Once the game started Finn and Michael went to get a snack.  He selected an enormous pixie stick - which he didn't like.  Then they went over to a quiet part of the track to throw the football.

We stayed until halftime.  The court was introduced at halftime again.  Finn wasn't too excited to do this again - but still managed to get in  a good wave to the crowd. This time they didn't go onto the field.  Instead, they stood at the bottom of the bleachers.

Before leaving the game Finn ate an entire hamburger and some cotton candy.

As we were leaving the field Finn spotted the Chik-fil-A cow and wanted to say high.  He followed the cow for a good while before he finally turned around to talk to Finn.

After leaving the game we went to pick up Sam at Gene and Minnie's house.  We knew that he wouldn't handle the game very well so we dropped him off before hand.  He seemed very happy when we picked up him.  He was so excited to see us though.

When we got back to Dad's we put Sam to bed.  We let Finn stay up and eat some pizza before bed.

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