Saturday, September 7, 2013

Things I am learning about Sam . . .

1. I am learning that Sam will probably grow up to be what is called a "Type A" personality. Sam does everything to the best of his ability - even throwing fits.  On Thursday I took Sam to get a haircut at Danny's.  On the way home I seriously considered robbing a pharmacy and stealing all the valium. It was an awful experience, for Sam; for me; for Danny; and for all other patrons at the Salon.  For 20 minutes Sam threw his head around, he kicked, he hit and he screamed.  At one point I had him in a head lock with one arm and I was desperately holding his legs with the other  The next day I took Finn back for his haircut.  On of the other stylist came in and commented on how cute Sam is.  Danny responds, "were you here yesterday."  An "ah -hah" look crossed her face and she said, "no, but I heard all about it."  Referring, of course, to Sam's haircut.

2.  Sam loves his bunny.  On Wednesday morning I went to get Sam out of his crib.  He was holding his bunny.  I tried to pry it out of his hands and put it back in the crib.  Sam started to cry and as clear as day said, "I can't leave it."   On Wednesday night Sam said "sleepy mommy."  He then grabbed his bunny - which was still downstairs - and laid down with him on the den floor. 

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  1. That describes Cooper at every single hair cut for the past 4 years....welcome to my life. My arms are noodles when we leave from holding him with all my might so that his eyeball doesn't get cut.


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