Saturday, September 7, 2013

Finn's Thursday

Thursday was a big day for Finn.  He went to the library, got beat up by a girl at school and he dropped his "scary dog" out the window of a moving car.

On Thursday Gran picked Finn up from school and took him to the library.  When she arrived that afternoon she found Finn with band-aids all over.  After some inquiry Finn told her "Katie pushed me down at school."  After further inquiry Gran learned that Finn and Katie were playing on the playground.  Finn decided that he wanted to play dinosaur and started "roaring" at her.   As the story goes, Katie got tired of Finn roaring at her and took matters into her own hands and hauled off and pushed him flat on his back.  As Finn's mother I have to say - he had it coming.  Other than his pride, he was not hurt in anyway.  His pride was treated with Super Hero band-aids.

Next Gran and Finn went to the library.  He played on the computer and then checked out two books 1) "How Do Dinosaurs Go To School" and 2) "How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You."  Note:  Finn owns "How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You."  Gran reminded him of this fact, but he wanted to check it out nonetheless.

After leaving the library Finn and Gran ate supper with Mimi and Aunt Tina.  Then they went back to Gran's house to play.  On the way Finn was holding Scary Dog out the window.  Gran told him repeatedly not to.  Finn did not listen.  Soon Gran heard a blood curdling scream come of the back seat.  Finn had dropped scary dog out of the window.  Gran was able to retrieve Scary Dog, but at great personal risk of being squished by a car.

This week Michael introduced Finn to the XBox.  They played a Ninja Turtle game. 

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