Sunday, September 22, 2013

Four Years Old Today

Today Finn is four years old.  As he was coming down the stairs I said, "Happy Birthday Finn!"  He responds, "Happy Birthday Mom."  He told me Happy Birthday because my birthday was coming soon.

As a special treat Michael took Finn to school today.  First they stopped at the donut place to get a "birthday donut."  He also got donuts for his class.  When I asked Finn if he wanted to bring cupcakes for his birthday he said "YES!"  Then he said that he would rather bring "birthday donuts."  So he and Michael picked out chocolate and vanilla sprinkled donuts and glazed donuts (plain donuts).

Midday I got a notice on Facebook from Finn's teacher.  She posts pictures throughout the day and posted the following pictures.

Happy Birthday Finn!

Finn told that he ate a plain donut because he gave all the sprinkle donuts to his friends (Finn passed out all of the donuts).  He then said, "that was very kind of me, wasn't it?

After school Finn asked me if he could watch Godzilla.  I turned it on and we watched until Daddy and Sam got home.  When Sam walked in he started yelling "zooki."  He was so excited that Godzilla was on - he seems to love it as much as Finn does. 

For his birthday supper we had hotdogs, Cheetos, cake and ice cream.  Finn was very polite all throughout dinner.  While serving the cake and ice cream Finn asked us to sing "Happy Birthday" to him.  We did.  Sam also sang to Finn - but he sang "Happy Day to you."

Then it was time to open the rest of his presents from us.  He got a hero sword, a Captain America shield, a Ninja Turtle Leonardo sword and chap stick.  Finn loves Chap Stick.  After opening his presents Finn thanked us profusely and tried out all of his weapons.

Finn's love of weapons has worn off on Sam.  Sam will pretend any item in a sword.  He also asks for "weapons" on a daily basis.

Before bed the boys watched an episode of Godzilla. Happy Birthday Finn.  We love you!

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