Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spirit Week Day 4 - Board Game day

Day 4 of Spirit Week was really difficult.  The kids were to dress as their favorite board game.  Hurdle #1: Finn doesn't play board games.  Hurdle # 2:  How in the world do you dress up like a board game?  This was one difficult.  Since Finn doesn't play board games I had to think back to when I was child and go from there.  I finally came to "Checkers" - so I spent the night before cutting out red and black paper circles.  It actually ended up looking more like "Connect Four" but Finn hasn't ever heard of "Connect Four" we stuck with "Checkers."

Gran picked Finn up from school again today and took him to the library.  Before going to the library they stopped at the house to pick up his library books.  Finn only had two (2) of his checkers still stuck to his shirt.  I found out today that Finn got a bloody nose after getting pegged in the face with a ball and that he didn't get a star today because he didn't follow directions. Rough day for the Finnster.

While Finn was away Sam was a pleasure to be around.  Sam is a completely different child when Finn is out of the house.  He was very affectionate.  While cleaning the kitchen he ran over to me, took my hand and said, "cuddle?" 

 Before dinner Sam grabbed his tray and somehow managed to get in this position on the couch (with his tray) and not spill one single Cheerio. 

He also read books.  He read with Daddy and he read on his own.

In one of his "Cars" books Lightening McQueen says, "Oh my gosh, three piston cups!"  The rest of the evening Sam ran around saying, "Oh My Gosh."  It was so funny.

When Finn got home he was very excited to show me his books from the library.  He checked out a book about Alligators/Crocodiles and second book about snakes.  I hate snakes - I am absolutely terrified of snakes.  Well, Finn ran up to me showing me this book . . .

 I squealed and jumped back.  I don't even like to look at pictures of snakes.  Well Michael thought it would be funny to open up the book to a really scary page and put in right in my face.  Instinctively I fought back and pushed the book the away.  Finn ran to me and started crying.  I really hurt his feelings when I shoved his book - he took it really personally that I wasn't as excited about his book as he was.  Through tears he told me not to be afraid, "that is it just pretend."  He also, through tears, told me that "we don't hit books."

Then Finn thought it would be funny to chase me with the book.  Since I had already shattered him I decided that a few laps around the couch wouldn't hurt anything. 

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