Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spirit Week

This week is "Spirit Week" at HCA and even the preschoolers are getting to participate.  Monday was "crazy hair and pajamas" day.  Finn wore his SuperMan jammies . . . (Gran sent these home with us Sunday night)

 . . . and sported George Belhan hair (driver of the Mohawk Warrior).  Finn's outfit came complete with a cape.  I added the snow boots.

On the way to school Finn asked me every few minutes - "mom, is my hair still up?"  He was so scared that his hair would fall before he got to school.  Well, his worries were completely in vain - his hair was just as high and stiff when I picked him up from school that afternoon.

Tuesday was "Favorite Team" day.  Finn wore his Titan's jersey from two years ago. 

On the way to school Finn wanted to play "bad guys."  Bad guys is really taxing to play so I asked Finn if we could just sit quietly for a few minutes.  Finn said, "sure mom - what do you want to talk about?"

Later in the evening we went to a parent/teacher meeting at HCA.  While there another mom asked me if I was Finn's mom.  She told me that her daughter came home today and told her how cute Finn looked in his Titan's jersey.

On Sunday we all went to the park for family pictures - I will post those when they are available.  Afterwards they went to Gran's house to play.  They came home in these matching jammies.  Yes, this is where I got the idea for jammies day.

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