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Birthday Breakfast and Granny's Birthday

On Saturday morning we met Grandad, Gigi, Aunt Emily, and Hank for breakfast at the new IHOP in Gallatin.  It really nice and smells way better than the one in Goodlettsville.  We had a really nice visit - the boys all ate pancakes.  Sam and Hank sat down at the end and hung out.  They must have kept each other really occupied because Sam did great. 

After breakfast we went back home for few minutes.  While Sam was napping I took Finn to get a haircut.  He didn't want to get a haircut but he wouldn't come out and say it.  He kept telling me that he didn't need to get a haircut right now because he really needed to take a nap.  We couldn't get an appointment with Danny on such short notice so I took him to Sports Clips.  Sports Clips is a first come first serve/walk-in's welcome type of place.  When we pulled into the parking lot I saw other families heading in to get a haircut.  I whispered to Finn - "run to the door as fast as you can."  Yes, I checked for traffic first.  Right after he took off I ran after him as fast as I could.  Due to this little stunt I was able to beat all the other families into the building and thus got our names on the list first.  SCORE!  The woman that cut Finn's hair did a great job. 

Next we got everyone packed up and headed to Sparta for Granny's surprise 80th birthday party.  Finn watched Godzilla on his Kindle Fire for most of the ride while Sam looked over his shoulder.  This drive may have been the last happy moment Sam experienced for the remainder of the night. He was awful.  When he wasn't drinking something he was crying hysterically.  When we walked into Laura's house Sam immediately clammed up.  The look of relief that crossed his face when he Papa (Greg) was priceless.  He wouldn't let anyone other than me, Michael, Nana and Papa held him.  This meant that I didn't get to visit and cut up as much as I would have liked.  I spent a good portion of the night trying to make Sam feel better.  Not that I minded too much - I always like it when Sam wants to love on me. 

Midway through the evening Nana decided to take a potential "Christmas card" picture of the boys.  I brought Christmas shirts for Hank and Cooper to wear. 

If you didn't know better you'd think that they like each other. 

Next we went outside to swing.  The boys loved the swing. 

Then Nana took all the boys for hike to end of the driveway. 

Sam was really upset about having to go back inside so Uncle Johnny showed Sam the playroom in the basement.  It was the best playroom!  This kept Sam happy for the rest of the evening.  Finn had a really nice time.  He played with Cooper and Hank the entire time.  They loved chasing each other through the house.  

We really had a great time.  The company was good, the food was good and even though Sam wasn't all that good - it didn't dampen my spirits (though it may have dampened everyone else's). 

After leaving Laura and Johnny's house we headed back to Nana and Papa's house.  When we got home we discovered Nana's Christmas tree. 

Finn loved Nana's Santa figurine.  He plays eight Christmas songs.  Finn sat in my lap and listened for a long time.  Next they played upstairs in the playroom.  When it was time for bed Sam shacked up in the crib and Finn slept in Nana's bed.  


  1. Sam didn't dampen anyone's evening! We had fun together when he wasn't clinging to you :) I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!


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