God Squad

Thursday was Finn's big Christmas Play at HCA.  Will and I spent the whole day attempting to complete tasks, i.e. work, clean, get ready for the program.  I say "attempting" because it is impossible to get anything done when caring for a baby with RSV.  

Anyway, back to the story.  While getting ready for the program - I burned my face with the curling iron.  It hurt terribly.  Thankfully, I haven't yet managed to kill off my aloe plant so I was able to put a glob of aloe on my face and hit the road.  

On the way over I realized that Finn needed white pants (to go under his angel costume) as opposed to the white shorts that I had put on him.  Well, we don't have white pants and seeing as how Fill will probably not have an opportunity to wear white pants again, I decided to stop quickly at a drug store and buy him some little white tights to wear under his white shorts.  I made the mistake of telling him this while pulling out of the driveway, so for the next 25 minutes Finn whined about having to wear girlie clothes.  As it turns out they didn't have white tights at the Rite Aide - so we just made due with the white shorts.  I am happy to report that they didn't show. 

Upon my arrival the first order of business was to show off my new burn. Then I visited with Nana, Papa, and Gran while waiting for the show to start. 

Here is Finn dressed as a "God Squad" angel.  Both he and the show were really cute.  The 1st grade song was "Do Not Be Afraid."  Finn had a little part where he yelled "Come on!"  He did so good!

I call this Finn's "ostrich face." When I think of Finn, this is the face that comes to mind.  I'm not sure why, but he reminds me of a little baby ostrich. 

After singing "Do Not be Afraid" Finn stunned his family by doing a doubled handed wave. Did any  other child waved like a conquering politician? Nope,  just Finn.  

This is Finn setting up for the Hallelujah Chorus. I loved watching all of these little children sing (almost shout) the Hallelujah Chorus at the top of their voices. 

Sam, taking Nana's picture.

Will slept comfortably on Gran for most of the performance. 

After the show we took Nana to Casa Veija for her birthday dinner.  I must have accidentally alerted the server, because at the end of the night - this happened. . . .

They sang to her, put whipped cream on her face and plopped a sombrero on her head. Happy Birthday Nana.