The Face of RSV

I think that I have already mentioned that this week was tough with Michael being gone.  Well, it got a little bit tougher on Wednesday when Will was diagnosed with RSV - or as Dr. Johnson calls it, "the 100 day cold."  Poor Will has been so miserable.  It all started Monday night when he started throwing up after every feeding. This meant that both he and I changed our clothes at least three time a night.  The throwing up stopped when he woke up on Tuesday, but started up again Tuesday evening. This seemed kind of weird to me so I made an appointment for the next day with his pediatrician.  Because he had such a bad cough, followed by projectile vomiting, I was afraid that he had whooping cough.  Thankfully, he did not - but RSV has certainly not been a walk in the park. He has so much snot.  I can literally scoop it out of his mouth in clumps with my fingers. These vomiting episodes usually happen after he has been laying down for several hours.   This is the reason he throws up more at night.

He is so miserable and when he gets upset there is very little I can do to soothe him.  He doesn't want to eat, he doesn't want to lay down, he doesn't want to sit up.  Consequently he has cried for the majority of this waking hours. We mostly sit and rock until he cries himself to exhaustion.