Polar Express Day

Wednesday was "Polar Express Day" at HCA preschool.  All of the children were invited to wear their jammies to school.  Sam wore his Christmas Owl jammies - under his Batman puffer vest. Everyone knows that you can't possibly go to the "pretend" North Pole without a batman puffer vest.

When I picked him up later than day, Miss Mandy told me that Sam did great.  She said that he earned his ticked on the Polar Express before any other student. On that note Sam has been great this year at school.  He has had no disciplinary issues at all!

This is my friend Samantha.  Almost every Wednesday I have lunch with my other lady lawyer friends. It is one of the highlights of my week. On this particular day we went to the Lime Deli two doors down from my office.  Our friend Jennifer just bought the new IPhone 7 and was showing us how good the camera is.  I agree, it is a good camera.